3 Ways To Infuse Russian Osetra Caviar Into Italian Foods

Just because you cook Italian foods does not mean you need to stick with all Italian ingredients while you cook. If you enjoy the taste of caviar, then you can find unique ways to infuse the salty and smokey Russian Osetra caviar into signature Italian dishes. The caviar adds a nice kick of flavor to bites and the texture of the caviar can improve meals as well.

Check out some of the ways you can infuse Russian Osetra caviar into signature Italian dishes. The next time you go to cook one of these meals, you can enjoy the added flavor and texture.

1. Pasta Dishes

Pasta dishes like angel hair spaghetti or linguini pair well with caviar. Ideally, you want to prepare your pasta how you normally like it. You could choose a traditional red sauce base, a creamy white sauce base, or a smoother wine sauce base.

Once you prepare a plate of pasta, add a dollop of caviar right in the middle. You typically want to add caviar right at the end so it doesn't cook through, but if you like your caviar cooked, then you have the option to mix the caviar in with the sauce before you plate the pasta. The infusion into the sauce will add a different texture and salty flavors.

2. Pizza Dishes

Making your own pizza is an Italian specialty and can be done in a number of ways. If you want to infuse caviar into the pizza, then you have two options. Lay out thin slices of mozzarella on top of the pizza. Once melted and cooked, add a small scoop of caviar right in the center of each piece of cheese. The fresh caviar adds a nice crunch to each bite. 

You also have the option to cook the caviar right with the sauce. Once you have your crust laid out, add a layer of sauce and then evenly sprinkle the caviar over the whole pizza. The caviar flavors will infuse with the sauce and create a nice texture with each bite.

3. Stuffed Dishes

Italian cuisine consists of a lot of stuffed dishes. The small size and big flavor of caviar make it an ideal ingredient to stuff into various foods. For example, you could put together a cheesy ravioli with some caviar stuffed inside. Also, consider other Italian meals like stuffed shells or manicotti.

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