Dulce De Leche: Recipes To Wow

With its rich, buttery flavor and golden-brown hue, dulce de leche has long been a favorite ingredient in many desserts and dishes. With the convenience of buying pre-made dulce de leche, the extra work is taken out, making for a convenient and simple way to enjoy this tasty treat. Whether from a jar or can, pre-made dulce de leche is the perfect addition to any baking pantry. Here are just a few ideas on why buying dulce de leche will make a lasting impression. Read More 

5 Items You Should Be Able To Find At An African Specialty Store

Are you wondering what you might find when visiting an African specialty store whether in person or online? Here are just five items that might interest you: Cassava Introduced to Africa in the 16th century, Cassava grows well during drought and serves as a reliable staple food throughout many parts of the region today. This starchy root veggie is easy to grow and can be prepared in numerous ways. Cassava is used in Africa to make tasty soups and stews, flatbread, chips, mashes, and a variety of side dishes. Read More 

How Can Sauerkraut Improve Your Gut Health?

Whether you suffer from gastrointestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome or just want to improve your overall gut health, you should strongly consider adding sauerkraut to your diet. The health benefits of sauerkraut have been receiving a significant amount of attention, and gut health is one area where sauerkraut shines. Sauerkraut can help improve gut health by increasing the diversity of the bacteria living in your colon and ensuring that they're well-fed. Read More