Dulce De Leche: Recipes To Wow

With its rich, buttery flavor and golden-brown hue, dulce de leche has long been a favorite ingredient in many desserts and dishes. With the convenience of buying pre-made dulce de leche, the extra work is taken out, making for a convenient and simple way to enjoy this tasty treat. Whether from a jar or can, pre-made dulce de leche is the perfect addition to any baking pantry. Here are just a few ideas on why buying dulce de leche will make a lasting impression.

Use as a Topping

When looking for just the right topping for any dessert, there is none so perfect as that of dulce de leche. Chocolate brownies, as an example, would be an excellent way to utilize this ingredient as a topping. Simply swirling a few tablespoons on top of the batter will make for a wonderful way to incorporate the delicious caramel flavor while it bakes. Dulce de leche also makes for a fantastic frosting and is simple to put together with a pre-bought can. Since dulce de leche is on the sweeter side, adding just a small amount to homemade whipped cream or store-bought whipped topping will do the trick. To kick things up a notch, throw in a pinch of salt to bring out the sweetness even more while also introducing a slightly savory edge that will surely impress. This easy frosting is perfect for vanilla or caramel cakes and can even be served alongside scones!

The Perfect Dip

For those who prefer the more direct experience of enjoying dulce de leche, using the caramel as a dip is utter perfection. Shortbread cookies served alongside a dulce de leche dip, for instance, make for a delicious way to add something special to the dessert menu. For those who prefer something on the lighter side, serving this caramel dip with fresh fruit will allow for a bit of indulgence. Dulce de leche pairs beautifully with bananas, apples, pears, and strawberries. To jazz things up a bit, serve a small bowl of dulce de leche alongside a variety of fresh fruits of the season on skewer sticks. This makes for a convenient way for loved ones to enjoy this treat while also looking lovely. 

Bake It Up

Dulce de leche is truly remarkable in that it is extremely convenient to work with and makes for the perfect ingredient to bake with. Incorporating dulce de leche into a cake batter, for example, will produce a rich and flavorful cake that is not overwhelming and has just the perfect amount of caramel sweetness. Using this ingredient in a coffee cake, additionally, would make for a delectable pairing to have with morning coffee or tea. Adding a nut topping using pecans or even walnuts would add a fancy touch and incorporate some crunch into the mix! Lastly, dulce de leche would make for the ideal blondie brownie. Already incorporating the sweetness of caramel, this blondie could easily work well alongside the addition of brown sugar or toffee for a gooey dessert that will certainly be requested on more than one occasion!